Thursday, December 18, 2008

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This is the class blog for CMU's Spring 2009 graduate CS course 15-855*, "An intensive introduction to computational complexity".

The instructors for this course are Venkat Guruswami and Ryan O'Donnell. The TA is Eric Blais.

The course homepage is That page will be mostly static, except for postings of the homeworks and midterm. Please read this blog regularly, or add it to your RSS feed. We will use the blog to post announcements (e.g., "There is a correction to problem 3 on the homework..."), lecture corrigenda and updates, homework hints, etc.

Students in the class will also be required to make one significant blog post, for credit. This will be discussed in Lecture 1.

Finally, we will use MathML in these posts; if it is working correctly for you, the following statements should look basically the same:

A set system L is "laminar" if for all A, BL, either AB = Ø, AB, or BA.

A set system $L$ is "laminar" if for all $A$, $B$ $\in$ $L$, either $A \cap B = \emptyset$, $A \subseteq B$, or $B \subseteq A$.

To get this to work, on IE I believe you download an ActiveX control here:

If you use Firefox, try going here: